To be on Facebook or not!

I love Facebook. So what’s a big deal about it. So do lot many others. I eat , pray and sleep FB.
Well it helps me to be socially active(which otherwise , I may not be). It brings me out of my shell of enjoying time with myself. Yeah, i do like to be alone and relax , listen to music, dance , yoga or whatever I feel like doing. However FB does not let me be do so!It keeps me engaged to the extent that I get addicted to it sometimes. Not a good sign especially, when you are a mother of two naughty , restless sons. Moreover, you have just quit your dream company (and not job )to takeover the bargains of being a full time Homemaker!
Today, I just realized that this addiction is taking me away from people I admire, care or want to hear from. Well, my birthday just went by. I was excitedly awaiting calls from few close friends who always wish me and make my day. Ohh! but its evening and they have not called. Hope they are fine! May be they are not in town..yeah travelling or have a late day at work. FB is blinking ping ping all this while, feels wonderful to receive so many birthday wishes. But where are the ones which I am expecting. Phew ! they are here  wishing me on FACEBOOK. Looks like my dear friend is still travelling. I ping her to find out where is she . She is very much in town at home. then why ping , why not call me like she always do.(Sulking). Its like when you are unable to reach to someone when you wanna be near them.So if it hasn’t been for FB , she would have spoken to me, wished me, we would have shared some stories, gossips shared some smiles.While I never felt so lonly when at Work, now since I am home, I crave to talk to some, catch up with others but all I get is short messages through FB or Whatsapp.
Today I have enlightened myself. All those who matters to me, I will personally ring them to wish them or talk to them rather that going through social media. After all Good Karma always come back. And I will continue to be on FB though not addicted and change my approach towards Reaching out to people I love:)
So next time it will be more of my personal touch  rather than the impersonal touch of such tools.

5 thoughts on “To be on Facebook or not!

  1. I recently wrote a series of posts on my blog about relationships in the digital age and came to the same conclusion – love social media but don’t let it take over! Great post.


  2. Lovely post taru…agree too…so my fb time is maybe once a week or even lesser…am out of the groups in watsapp…and individually connect….well written and so true…


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