A Smile on The Face!

How the significance of Happiness differs from one person to other. How we tend to run after bigger things and lose touch with insignificant things that makes us happy. Over the years, my Happiness parameters have evolved.

Of course, l feel happy with achievements and accomplishments of my near and dear ones and mine too. However, lately it seems that my Happiness has found another avenue to give me a reason to Smile. I feel more contented in other’s delight. Am I normal?

Last Sunday afternoon, at a red light on the busy Delhi road, from my car, I noticed a street child. He must be around 3 yrs’ old. He was getting ready for his daily bait when he stumbled across a one rupee coin. Happy with his own little discovery, he picked it up looking around thinking that no one is watching. A big Smile smeared on his face with his new-found treasure. Pity that so many children in India are homeless, resorting to beggary for the daily bread. The child then walked towards my car.I generally stock my car with snacks and old clothes, ready to offer to a needy person. However, that fateful day , I had nothing to give away other than few coins (I don’t encourage beggary). His happy face casted a spell on me and I gave him a five rupee coin. I asked him what would he do with the money and he said, excitedly “I will buy myself a nice thing to eat”. And I saw him hopping away to glory. His HAPPINESS QUOTIENT(HQ) was definitely higher than mine. Unaware of the misery surrounding him, looking forward to spending his wealth.  I too felt happy but sad at the same time, wishing for him a brighter future.

Looks like, I am God’s chosen one. A week before, in a shopping complex, a girl and a boy, aged 3 and 6, approached me. With big trays in their tiny hands, carrying colourful stationery bits and hope in their eyes, they requested me to buy stuff worth Rupees twenty only. My heart went out to them and I bought stationery worth rupees hundred (petty amount). Their eyes gleamed with happiness and gratitude. Little did they realise that my HQ was much higher than theirs.  They have been successful in making me do my Good Deed for the day.

Inconsequential things now makes me Smile!

They say, Fun on weekend is partying hard, drinking harder. I say, fun on weekend is Reading a book hidden in the corner of my house throughout the day!

They say, for losing weight, no junk food, have early dinner before 8 Pm. I say , Having Maggi along with Cold Coffee at midnight feels like Nirvana .

They say, driving big, swanky cars gives them kick in Life. Well, after buying my first big car, I say, driving through the city’s crowded roads, beating the traffic in my small car , going in between the big cars is just so comforting for me.

A favourite colleague of mine gets promoted at Work. I celebrate happiness and my own failure does not hurt much.

Last winters, woolen shopping for myself was not so much fun as donating winter clothes to the underprivileged. Taking along the Blessings home the vision of smiling faces, still cheers me up.

Travelling to other country with family is Awesome for some.  Every Evening, going out for a drive with kids to India Gate and taking a stroll at Rajpath is the Wonderful family time for me.

I tell my kids, “Don’t play with water, you will catch cold, don’t play in mud, you will get sick. Let me get you enrolled for an activity class”.  They say, “Playing with water and mud is the best Sport we know of”.

Enjoy the little things in Life, because One day these trivial joyful moments may not be with us. Methinks , feeling contented with what we have is a definite way leading to Happiness. So all you beautiful people out there, Feel happy, Spread Happiness.








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