Aspirations-A poem


I aim for happiness

But that’s not free

It comes along with responsibilities.

Of all the things, that I like

Best are the ones

That are’nt glorified.

Time and again, I tell myself

Hey ! Take it easy

You are here to fend.

The trivial incidents

closest to my heart

Are Whispers from, the memories apart.

I dream of my world

That’s not so real

Hope is what ,always steers.

Wish I could fly

To the serene land

Dancing to what, beholds my sense.

What I may desire

Is still not clear

A day will come ,that I will always cheer.

Joy is not that

Hard to be fetched

Optimism always ,gets you ahead.

So here I am

Promising myself

Aspirations is what, gives me strength.

Don’t feel low, if the

Going gets derailed

Alone you have ,alone shall you prevail.


Author :Taru Rohatgi Mathur

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