Whispers from the Angel-A Poem


The Angels visited, me last night, “My dear girl”, they said,

“We bring you joy and a day so bright.”

Puzzled, I asked, “That’s fine, but where is my Ray of Light?”

They laughed, “It’s there within the heart, you just, need to find.”

But I’ve been searching, for many years”, I said, “And I don’t seem to grind”.

They remarked, “You need to first love thyself, then look after, other’s delight.”

Oh! Selfish me! How could I ever, deprive my loved ones, of my sight?”

I frowned and, shrugged my head, have these Angels lost their mind?

They ignored the thought, in my head, my Angels are so much kind,

The Angels then, shared with me, what they told me thousand times.

Follow daily, a passion you like, that will get, your solace high.”

Don’t waste your might, for people unkind, they don’t deserve your, valuable time.”

Say wise words when you rise, help others too, find their shine.”

Follow instincts, try new gears, blessings will defeat your fears.”

I realized, what I have forgotten, how could I get, my thoughts so rotten.

With Whispers from, Angels in my ears, I drift off to sleep, my mind so clear.

Author :Taru Rohatgi Mathur

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