The Facebook Series-Addiction Continues!

This is my second article on Facebook obsession. In my former article, I pledged not to let FB overpower me. I made myself believe in connecting personally rather than the virtual connection. You may read about that determination here- To be on Facebook or Not!

Little have I lived up to the promise? For a few days, I was able to adhere to the commitment. However, gradually the addiction got better of me. (Sigh). Though I often reiterate that FB is not about getting inspired always. Yet, I keep getting influenced by the events so well listed in this popular Social networking site.


FB is a great medium to spread Happiness. The World looks so contented. Pictures of Happy faces, partying, fashion styles, accomplishments and achievements pics, happy couples, world tours and so on. My own Happiness quotient seems so shallow when I witness such merriment. No denying the fact that it endows me with much frustration, jealousy, sulking, and dissatisfied with(Hubby, kids, environment, circumstances). Look, I know that I am not supposed to chase others for contentment. But this cruel heart of mine has betrayed me several times.

The whole world is travelling while I am sitting in a corner of my room viewing the perfect Getaway pictures. My dumb brain refuses to acknowledge the pleasure that was bestowed on me when I went for that last trip. Something inside me knocks, it’s barely  2 weeks that you had a vacation. Indeed! I had also posted my happiness pictures then. But the exhilaration had died its natural death. The pleasure only lasts until the time we continue getting those WOW comments and the thrilling LIKES. Nothing lasts forever, neither does the pleasure derived from these thrill.
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I casually remarked, “What’s wrong with the world. They keep sharing their Check in updates”. My hubby reminds me, By the way, did you not update about having dinner at the fascinating Cyber Hub last week?” Oops! Caught again. How demeaning to share my status updates and not expect the World to do so. It’s strange that no sooner the Euphoria vanished from my heart, I found myself turned into a judgmental snob.

My mind asks for a supreme sacrifice from my heart.

Dear Facebook, No more would I let you entangle me within your golden clutches.

Alas! The irony of Determination is that it only remains intact as long as your mind and heart work together. The moment one ditches the other, you jump onto the smartphone and log into the wonderful world of Illusions. And so is the case with me.


Enough blaming the grandeur Facebook. It still holds a special place in my heart. Striking off the pledge I took before, here are fresh promises, I hope to keep for long:

  • Due to security reasons, I promise not to upload my children pics. I will not share how cute they may look or how are my children coping with the ever-increasing challenges. I, however, will let myself Whatsapp the details, to those interested. This sounds safer than FB. Besides, my connections on FB may not be keen to know about my kid’s accomplishments.
  • I will not share Check-In-Updates. Tough one, as I am tempted to let others know about my adventures with cuisines, shopping arenas, cinemas, cities, countries and so on. Sob! A thought echoed in my head-Does it make a difference to those who would never visit India about whichever restaurant you dine at? Helloo! There is no dearth of interesting places on Earth. Not a big deal to Google for the hangout and check the reviews. Moreover, it is unsafe for hackers know about your Whereabouts. What if it lands me in a tight spot some day? Hmmm!
  • Methinks! It’s okay to upload holidaying pics once in a while or change the Profile pic. Who does not want to look nice on social media pages? What’s important is to share wisely through optimum utilization of the privacy tools. Nobody likes getting their awesome pics morphed.
  • Should I update about my rewards on FB? Doesn’t LinkedIn sounds better for that? Yeah, but how do I get rid of this mentality, always hungry for appreciations? Guess, I will require more introspection on this one.
  • Yeah! I will continue using FB for joining interesting forums-cooking, schooling, parenting, home decor, lifestyle, etc. Bug off, my brain cells, you cannot deny me such delights. Haven’t I improved on my skills in terms of culinary, parenting, lifestyle, and fitness? So thumbs up on this one.
  • Not to forget, my latest passion-Blogging. It is the best medium to get visitors to my web page. Please God, please, keep bestowing me with the intellect to write on ever enduring topics.
  • And who knows, someday I may learn a new skill and could share my own DIY snapshots? So full marks to Facebook for this too.

On a brighter note, Social media tools are a boon in today’s time. They keep us well-connected, informed, knowledgeable and match up with the Changing societal patterns. Let’s use these prudently.

To each his own! Therefore, the views expressed here are solely mine and not binding on others. 🙂 

Signing off, dear Peeps! Wishing you a safe Facebook experience!

2 thoughts on “The Facebook Series-Addiction Continues!

  1. Superb post Taru. Brutally honest and introspective.

    It is difficult to pull away from social media (after all, they are designed by engineers who design casinos). But the power lies in us. We just have to make a conscious effort of keeping the phone out of reach for a while. And some plugins that block social media sites for some time are useful too.

    Awareness is the predecessor to action. Now that you are aware, it’s only a matter of time before you bring about the change you want to in life.

    Good luck 🙂

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