5 Work-From-Home ideas for Stay-At-Home-Moms


Hello there,

Are you planning to work from the comfort of your home while fulfilling the duty of a doting mother? Do you miss the exhilaration that you once attained from your professional commitments? 

Go ahead, read on!  🙂

After all, we all love the awesome Moolah! Besides, it derives solace within you, which you enjoyed while you were treading the path of career growth. The SAHM status should not be a taboo anymore. All you need is to input your experience and skills in developing a fresh work opportunity.

You must have been exploring different WFM ideas. For instance, home tuitions for academic and extracurricular activities –dance, music, arts and craft. Other sought after options are Day care center, Boutiques, Virtual opportunities, blogging, copywriters, etc.

Listed below are few Work-From-Home options you may want to consider.

Stock Market Trading

Hours required: Mon-Fri 900hrs till 1530hrs

Financials: Minimum INR 10,000-50,000.

Expertise: Stock market is a great medium to reinvest your provident fund settlement amount. You can increase your savings by gradually building up your portfolio. All you need is a thorough understanding of Stock market. A stock broker can help you with this. You may refer to tutorials on You-tube to gain knowledge. Applications like Moneycontrol.com helps to review your portfolio and analyze the market trends. Business channels, such as Zee Business, NDTV profit, shares experts’ advice on the trading strategies regarding a stock’s bearish or bullish aspects. A definite way to earn enormous after mastering the trade.

Suggestions: The financial risk attached is quite high if you trade carelessly. Please educate yourself well before taking the plunge. Start with low investments, preferably in blue-chip companies, as these yields attractive profits. When the stock price goes down, the loss is minimal and bounce back is quick. Be patient and initially participate in long-term trading. Speculation in Short term or Intra-day trading is not advisable in the initial stages. Choose the stock broker wisely who offers genuine advice as per your available capital.

A home away from home- Part-Time Day care unit

Hours required: Flexible, generally after 1300hrs

Financials:  Varies, according to the amenities provided.  

Expertise: Love to hang out with children? Make new friends for your child through this ultimate opportunity. Apparently, this works for SAHMS who have fewer hours at hand for career prospects. You could offer the facility to the working parents in your vicinity. You would offer relief to parents forced to leave children with nannies or professional daycares after school hours. What you require is immense patience, a helper, a maid, engagement activities and a well-defined schedule. You may add an extra feather in the hat by helping the kids with daily homework too. Customize services by charging hourly or monthly package options or pick up from bus stops too. What you will earn is an added dose of appreciation besides the earnings.

Suggestions: You must have a knack for entertaining kids of different age-group and extraordinary tolerance level. It is recommended to learn about child psychology for dealing with the mood swings and tantrums of the diverse age-group. Effective safety provisions and medical aid, if required, should be catered.

Creative Workshops-Empowering life skills

Hours required: Flexible, generally evening classes, usually from 1600hrs till 1900hrs

Financials: Low, varies whether you provide the raw material or ask students to get their kit

Expertise: Planning to take tuition classes, however, does not want to be academically inclined, then below are few alternatives.

  • Storytelling and Book Reading – Communication is an important tool to develop these days when most of the kids live in a nuclear family and both parents are working. What could be a better way to impart other than the world of stories? Become a narrator, enact role plays and teach valuable lessons through a simplified technique. Encouraging kids to read story books (aloud or otherwise) is a sure way to develop reading skills, pronunciation and vocabulary. A book can be a Man’s best friend when alone.
  • Calligraphy classes- Not every kid is blessed with beautiful handwriting. I have struggled with improving my kid’s handwriting and so far barely managed. A correction in alphabets and numbers’ formation, helps in developing the writing style and enhance confidence. Most school teachers stress on neat and clear handwriting. With regular practice, a child can progress a lot, essentially, when handwriting is the reason for low academic performance and self-esteem.
  • Stitching and Embroidery, Carpentry, Creative Writing, Light cooking workshops- Depending on the age group and interests around your locality, enhance the hidden talents. You would earn exorbitant when you conduct similar trades during summer vacations. During school days, you may have fewer number, but will add up to your creative salvation that you may seek.
  • Good Manners Workshops- Nowadays, the kid-parent togetherness duration has shrunk considerably. Due to increasing professional commitments and commuting, often parents have limited time to coach the kid. Toddlers, preschoolers, Kindergartens and primary students require frequent guidance on social skills, table etiquettes, conversation skills, responsibility, and adaptability and so on. Such workshops attract a massive response from parents.

Suggestions: Creativity is the key to success in these endeavors. Thinking Out of the Box will help you take your business to immense heights. The success factor depends on innovative ideas and methods you will implement. The turnover may be low in the initial months, but will increase through word of mouth and online marketing tools.

Freelance Merchandiser

Hours required: Flexible.

Financials: low to medium depending on whether you like to stock goods.

Expertise: How about working on a contract with clothes boutiques or tailors in your neighborhood? You could sign up to arrange for dress material, accessories and workforce too. In return, you earn a commission for saving their time and money. You provide the convenience of choosing from varieties and alternatives at their doorstep. A thorough knowledge about the textile industry is a must.

Suggestions: Your knowledge has to be in sync with the latest fashion industry transformations and customer’s expectations. Moreover, you would need to understand the consumer market where you plan to collaborate with local tailors/boutiques. Last, you should possess dynamic sales skills and great networking tactics to continue adding clients to your database. A tough nut to crack, but not an impossible one. Go for it if you can visualize the attire and enjoy dress designing.

Car-pooling for Schoolmates

Hours required: School start and end time only

Financials: A diesel/petrol/CNG operated vehicle

Expertise: This idea is inspired from a lady driver, who is hired by the playschool that my preschooler attended. You could offer carpooling to your kids’ schoolmates in the vicinity and make pocket money. What you offer is safety of kids with known, convenience of dropping at doorstep, low fee and reliability which a parent never finds in a school bus or a private van.

Suggestions: You should be fond of driving. You must possess basic knowledge about the automobile and awareness about its working. You should have a stand by parent as a replacement for the day you are unable to drive kids to school. Presence of mind is essential to tackle any unforeseen incidents on the road. Engaging kids with music or having dedicated seats will help you not to be distracted while driving.

Think! Think! Think!

We all have marvelous thoughts steering within our tiny Brains. Get it rolling NOW! Turn an Idea into an Opportunity.





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