There is something about December!


Ever since I remember, December has been my favourite month.

Winters slowly creeping inside, the Sun starts playing hide and seek. Soaking up in the Sun rays, absorbing more of Vitamin-D dose, makes my “Be fit “resolution firmer.

Festivities and celebrations marks the beginning of a holiday spirit.

The rekindle of bond called LOVE, on the wedding anniversary is submerged immensely with joy and gratitude.

Showcasing of the prized possessions ( eg: Kanjivarams, Silk sarees, designer Lehengas} at Indian weddings becomes a weekly affair. Equally cherished are the colouful pullovers, overcoats and woolen accessories. They finally breathe a Sigh to be out of that dark trunk-being pampered to beat the chill.

And the best is yet to come!

Yes, that’s Christmas welcoming the New Year. What a spell does X-mas creates! The Red is in the air and I love red coz’ it is included in my list of Favorites.  I have never enjoyed the Red theme during Valentine month as I do in Dec.  Christmas carols makes me delighted. Jingle bells becomes the song of the town.  

Also nostalgic- because it is just not the weather, it also reminds me of the good old School days well spent. X-mas party with schoolmates still beckon me to return to those carefree times.

Winter vacations- few hours of extra sleep is rejuvenating. I have never been able to take a holiday out of town during these holidays. But, I never felt the need to do so, as I love Delhi during the year’s last month. Bon fire parties are quite sought after.

With New Year approaching, fresh aspirations, Hopes and wishes surpass the previous ones.

So here’s wishing you a healthy and melodious Happy New Year! Enjoy and live your dreams in 2017.

Here’s a song by ABBA wishing you a bright and prosperous New Year! Enjoy!



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