pwrptShakespeare said “What’s in a Name?’ I have my version –“What’s in an Age”.

Age is only a number. You are as young as you feel. However, my mind and heart does not sync with Age’s definition; the non-synchronization is primarily due to the clashing of my views and experiences.

Few months down the line, I will enter my fortieth year. My heart exclaims, “Gosh! I want to hide under the chair.” This may be the most dreaded day of my life until now.

I (My mind) always considered those at 40 being old and those in 30 at their middle age. Yet, I (My heart) does not feel older than a 25 years old! Do you know my heart has betrayed me often? Alas! This seems to be a similar case of presumptions.

Though I went through the same bitterness, when I entered the twenties and thereafter, thirties. But, never was I this uneasy before.

See, in my twenties, it was alright to pass the Sweet Sixteen award to my contenders. I was still living like a 16yr old-immature, childish, ignorant and inexperienced.  It was a non-smartphone era, social media was emerging and little did we realised that soon the whole world will be in its grasp. Life was not ambitious-rather carefree and relaxed. No dreams, ready to sway towards any direction that destiny decides.

In thirties, little maturity dawns, though still unwise to behold all. This was the learning phase of my life. New skills, acquaintances, few true friends, social media emergence and innovations, motherhood, ambitions and what not! Life in these last nine years had move rapidly than expected. I never realised that soon the 40 will knock!

On turning 30, I conveniently forgot that I could be older than this. I played hide and seek with the approaching number 40.

(Sigh!), I can no longer sustain the game. I am losing out to this dreaded ring of number Forty.

Nowadays, the adolescents are so inspiring. May be, if I would have born a few years later, I could have proudly been one of these impressive souls. They have a vision, so early in life (which I lacked). I am sure the today’s youth would embrace their fortieth year much gracefully.

But, this wicked heart of mine is trying to deceive my mind-to accept the upcoming digits calmly. “Don’t you fear, my lil’ woman. Make it exciting”. 

So, here’s enumerating few visualizations post my fortieth birthday. 

  • Feel Twenty, Behave Forty Let wisdom prevails. Simultaneously, keep the little girl within me alive. Dance, shout, jump, and be adventurous.
  • Been there, Done that Accept the change. Let the age old beliefs and patterns upgrade. Become a confidante and mentor for the youngsters.
  • Go, Fetch that skill My retirement came much earlier than anticipated. So, I plan to sign up for a new course, interest or a language that my heart desires.
  • Wardrobe Revamping- Try new fashion gimmicks but don’t follow styles blindly. Create your own panache that reflects the right balance of maturity and personality.
  • Love Thyself Give yourself that deserving half an hour every day to connect with the inner you. Forget all chores, loved ones and responsibilities; only pamper myself during this precious hour.
  • Become Truly Gorgeous Shed prejudices and imbibe extra dosage of humor, humility, warmth, and generosity. Turn into a beautiful person within.


More to add up in the above list. So far this sounds good.

Please make this milestone interesting for me and pop a suggestion in the Comments section. I would love to adapt your valuable idea and become a better “ME”.




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