The Never-Lasting First Impressions

Pondering Mee

aldoushuxley1You see someone for the First time…you make an impression in your mind…could be good or bad; positive or negative…And you carry on the assumed impression for long until…

Another day/time/moment, you witness a completely different side of that person and your mind debates…Nope! It can’t be…is this for real? The same person who seemed to be nice/proud; snob/humble; rude/polite; generous/selfish, helpful/inconsiderate, does not match your initial assumption.

Why do people draw inferences from the first sight? Is it because we have mental biases? Do we act upon our beliefs and values and to some extent, our culture?  Perhaps, we tend to accept what confirms our beliefs and, ignore that contradicts our embedded judgments formed over the years. However, often such impressions may be misleading.


And, then we have painted impressions which are usually inflicted by those in limelight– such as favourite boss, admired friends, wannabe colleagues, spouse, family…

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