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  Shakespeare said “What’s in a Name?’ I have my version –“What’s in an Age”. Age is only a number. You are as young as you feel. However, my mind and heart does not sync with Age’s definition; the non-synchronization is primarily due to the clashing of my […]

It’s Time to be Thankful

It’s time for retrospection! It’s time to ponder and understand how I have evolved as a person. The once shy, timid and introvert girl is now a confident, mature woman. Life has been kind, offering varied dimensions to replace immaturity with wisdom. Now is the time to be […]

Aspirations-A poem

The poem is about women, especially in Indian set up. They juggle between job,home, kids & family life. They are so preoccupied in valuing others that often forget about their dreams & desires. Keep your dreams alive coz one day they may come true. This could hold true for any individual too who faces life ‘ challenges single handed. Stay positive.