It’s Time to be Thankful


It’s time for retrospection!

It’s time to ponder and understand how I have evolved as a person. The once shy, timid and introvert girl is now a confident, mature woman. Life has been kind, offering varied dimensions to replace immaturity with wisdom.

Now is the time to be grateful to the experiences I had yesterday which made me a wiser person Today.


The man whom I married – He taught me the act of Karma and kindness I now firmly believe.

My two handsome boys – They help to generate within me the increased dose of perseverance; to attain perfection in skill called, motherhood, while learning the art of never ending patience too.

Those who believed in my capabilities – It confirmed that there are others too, who celebrate your success. Never lose an opportunity to make them happy.

My naïve trait at a younger age – It kept me away from dark shadows of shallowness and meanness for long. Sometimes, no knowledge is better than knowing too much and using it unwisely.

The people who endowed me with affection when least expected – They taught me that there is love and care available outside your set boundaries. Be courteous and respectful to them.

My so-called friends who stabbed me in back – An eye-opener to not trust blindly. Rather use the grey cells to recognize true friendship.

The wishes and dreams that are still awaiting fulfillment – It strives me to try harder for achieving what I desire. Never ever give up!

The NO’s that I got – It strengthened me and realize that I have to fend for myself.

People who used my shortcomings against me – It helped me to empower myself with skills I lacked and keep getting up every time I fell down.

The well-deserved achievement that I was denied while treading the path of professional growth – It helped me seek other avenues which I was so ignorant about.

My colleagues confident of me quitting after Motherhood – Sorry for the disappointment. I have a bad habit of making things work until the last possibility. Your hatred only increased my determination.

My colleagues who made fun of me while I was trying to attain Work-Life balance – It helped me explore the time –management tool; to plan, organize and complete tasks in a span of 8 hours and avoid overindulgence in idle chit-chatting.

Lack of secured care after the birth of my second child – I was amazed to see myself nothing short of a Superwoman– seeking work-life balance, driving around my baby to safe shelter before and after work hours and managing career alongside. A day comprising of more than 24 hours then. When you concentrate on the solution rather than a problem, a road always open.

People who gossip behind my back – It taught me the art of empathy coz’ they do not realize what good I could have brought to them. I have stopped getting bothered by rude gestures or comments.

The helpers (read maids) who ditched me – I can and will survive without you dearies. Besides, I will not become lazy again.

The deadly epidemic known as Chikungunya – It showed me how lack of physical fitness could ruin your strength. Make way, make time, but never compromise on your health.

Be grateful to the Life. We are lucky to born on Earth as human beings.

Let’s learn to ignore negativity. The Not-so-good experiences also offers learnings for the Lifetime.

Be kind and content. Chow!












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